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Glancer® is built for today's suburban marketplace.  As we continue to expand our regional footprint, Glancer® inviting entrepreneurial professionals to be a part of our award-winning hyper-local media platform.


Area Publishing Directors will enjoy all of the benefits and rewards that a career in local media delivers such as flexibility to spend time with family & friends, an award-winning local marketing concept and the support of your community, as the magazine is embraced and loved by all who read it.  

Area Publishing Directors operate their own territory-specific local media platform by building community relationships and ad partnerships, generating both advertising and subscription revenue monthly.  Each relies on the support of the Glancer® in-house Publishing Support Team to complete each monthly issue including editorial, photography, ad layout, design and web updates based on the Annual Monthly Theme Schedule, with web content updated by each Area Director daily and weekly using a simplified remote system. Our process is effective and efficient, our systems are streamlined and accurate, allowing Area Publishing Directors to focus on what they do best– building their business by being present in the marketplace. 

Glancer® uses an inner-circle marketing approach. Each geo-targeted local media platform has a primary demographic of women ages 30-65, the most influential consumer in today’s local marketplace. She then shares it with her friends and family, making Glancer® part of her inner circle, resulting in higher exposure for our pages.


Each hyper-local media platform features the best in community living– the hottest events, arts + entertainment, dining + cabaret, society + celebrity, health + wellness, style + beauty, charity, history and more, giving Glancer® ad partners the opportunity to reach area consumers effectively. Our hyper-local ad program is ideal for all types of businesses. With many unique elements built into the Glancer® platform, it is an unparalleled digital daily, weekly and monthly format like none other in today's local marketplace.

Area Publishing Directors enjoy a career they love, providing them with flexibility, inspiration and creativity, while connecting with the community they call home. Glancer® is the leader in each local marketplace where it is published and residents love all that it delivers from month to month....and all week long


Glancer® is the next generation of local media. Join our team of Area Publishing Director's today.